Peter Hammill - Loops and Reels 1983

  1. A Ritual Mask
  2. Critical Mass
  3. The Moebius Loop
  4. An Endless Breath
  5. In Slow Time
  6. My Pulse
  7. The Bells! The Bells!

    A Ritual Mask

    A ritual mask
    up on the wall
    furnishes his surroundings
    that he thinks that's all
    A ritual mask
    its power still strong
    a memento of his travel
    that he got for a song
    He got it for a song
    It was the song of centures, undisturbed
    it was the song of secrets and power words
    it was the song of the culture, not grown immune
    to the virus of progress, to the depth of the tune
    The ritual mask
    the evil eye
    inhabits his appartment
    inhabits his mind
    The song of vengeance, the song of a debt repaid
    the song of justice, the song of a heaven's day
    the song of culture as old as the hills
    (that it's uneasy to live a hole like a snake or how to kill)
    The ritual mask
    It won't take long
    before he finds out the bargain
    has turned out dreadfully wrong
    Oh, he got it for a song

    Critical Mass


    The Moebius Loop

    Indicision and uncertainty
    catch you now as they never have before
    How come you didn't recognize
    the revolving door?
    Oh, you're gonna take sides
    on the checkered floor
    It used to be so easy
    You saw everything in black and white
    but when you lost track of all the moves you'd made
    you lost faith in wrong and right
    It doesn't seem conceivable
    look what's handing in your hands
    Oh, is it a trick of comprehension
    or a master plan?
    Oh, a change in your perspective
    from the gutter now used to
    How come you didn't recognize
    the fiery room
    How you're gonna take sides
    Now you're on the moebius loop

    An Endless Breath


    In Slow Time


    My Pulse


    The Bells! The Bells!


    The recording were first released in 1983 on cassete only All pieces written by Peter Hammill except 'In Slow Time' Hammill/Ferguson

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