Peter Hammill - "In Translation" 2021

  1. The Folks Who Live On The Hill (Kern/Hammerstein)
  2. Hotel Supramonte (de Andre/Bubola)
  3. Oblivion (Piazzolla/Tarenzi)
  4. Ciao Amore (Tenco)
  5. This Nearly Was Mine (Rodgers/Hammerstein)
  6. After A Dream (Faure/Bussine)
  7. Ballad For My Death (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
  8. I Who Have Nothing (Magati/Mogol/Leiber/Stoller)
  9. Il Vino (Ciampi/Marchetti)
  10. Lost To The World (Mahler/Ruckert)

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